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Powerful cloud based IT asset management at your fingertips

Powerful cloud based IT asset management at your fingertips

Drop us an email to learn how ISM CloudOne can help streamline your businesses' inventory management needs

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Inventory Management

ISM CloudOne provides IT administrators with powerful endpoint security management capabilities that help to make complicated works, simple.

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Why ISM CloudOne?

Key Features

Location free

Your endpoints take on individual security policies (anti-vulnerability measures). This means individual endpoints are unaffected by location areas, when changes in security settings via networking are made.


Reflects your organisation’s security status on to the dashboard automatically based on the security policy which you setup with the wizard. All you have to do is to check the dashboard in order to take corrective actions onto devices.

Multilayered Security Approach

Based on a unique security profile that ISMCloudOne develops and updates daily, vulnerable security issues such as malware are identified, and this allows your organisation to get a security report so necessary actions can be taken.


Extended Security Measures

- Auto security vulnerability diagnosis

- Forcible Windows updating

- Launch control of prohibited software

- Behaviour based malware analysis & detection*

- External media device control*

- Secure end user activity logging*

- Full disk encryption* 

IT Asset Management

- HW/SW listing and exporting

- Software license management

- Software/Application distribution

- Remote control

- Offline device management


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The Netmarks Approach

As a trusted IT Network & Solutions partner with over 20 years of experience in the industry, our client first service approach means ensuring that your company gets the best ISM CloudOne solution for your network needs.

IT asset management and security diagnosis made easier with functionality of the cloud   

Drop us a message about your IT asset management needs, and leave the rest to us while we design a ISM CloudOne solution that works just for you.

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