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Tangled with IT issues?
No worries.

FAQ: Why do SMEs need specialised
IT maintenance services for their business?
  • Most small to medium business enterprises and organisations in Singapore have dozens and dozens of IT equipment and software, constantly being utilised by employees remotely or in the office.

  • In these said companies, there is usually only one to two dedicated IT support staff so this means IT support staff have to be generalists rather than specialists.

  • The limited IT support staff may be able to solve IT issues temporarily, but long term problems will arise ever so more frequently, due to the changing landscape of remote working and increase in cyber security vulnerabilities.

  • It may also be a huge challenge for SMEs in Singapore to find great IT support staff when the opportunities for career growth are better elsewhere in dedicated tech firms and since IT specialists are always looking for a bigger challenge in their daily work scope.

Why SMEs should approach Netmarks Singapore for IT maintenance services
  • Netmarks Singapore can be that single point of contact for that company’s entire IT support. 

  •  NMSG has dedicated staff with expertise in networking, end user support, wireless communication, cybersecurity, cloud services and everything IT in between

  • Compared to hiring dedicated IT support staff for the company, it simply makes sense to outsource your IT needs and get the right support for a fraction of the cost, with Netmarks Singapore’s maintenance services. 

Netmarks Maintenance Services

Unlimited E-mail and phone call support 
Onsite response of up to 6 times p.a. (incl. 2 preventive maintenance)
Remote support (12 incidents)
Onsite maintenance
Workstations/Laptops of up to 20 units
Network switches of up to 3 units
Servers/VMs of up to 3 units
Firewall 1 unit
| SGD 6,000 per annum | Office hour support 8x5x4
| SGD 9,000 per annum | During and after office hour support 24x7x4
“Netmarks Singapore team is reliable, consistent, and performs with a customer-first mindset. They are proactive in identifying pain points in IT infrastructure and solve our challenges and issues using world-class tools and solutions.
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Get a complimentary cyber vulnerability assessment worth $3,800* today!

- Price is exclusive of GST.

- Cost excludes hardware warranty and application support.

*A one year minimum contract is required in order to receive the complimentary cyber vulnerability assessment worth $3,800 

*One time assessment, up to 10 IP addresses

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