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3 easy ways to improve your organisation's cybersecurity

The modern workspace of organisations and businesses today include employees working in segmented teams across multiple locations - all the more important that companies understand the increased amount of cybersecurity threats that emerge amidst weak points caused by security lapses in consumer grade devices.

The question IT managers need to ask themselves is, how do you improve your organisation's cybersecurity when your employees are across multiple locations? The solutions are simple, but require a good deal of team effort. We've selected three methods out of Forbes' cybersecurity improvement list that we believe will help strengthen your organisation or business' cybersecurity readiness.

Upgrade existing security protocol

The additional implementation of authentication levels such as two-factor authentication (2FA) and multi-factor authentication (MFA) means your employees and their data will be much safer from potential attacks. By integrating a more secure authentication method, it creates additional security layers, thus increasing the difficulty for attackers to bypass accounts.

Host phishing training courses

Organise routine phishing courses for employees in your organisation, to provide them with knowledge on online safety as well as metrics on how their internet behaviour has changed or improved. Routine readiness training on phishing attacks keeps your employees up to date with current data infringement practices, which ultimately help to protect your organisation’s IP and company data.

Invest in a high bandwidth network infrastructure that's scalable

Companies that develop an infrastructure capable of providing enhanced security options for enterprise applications and sensitive data, will allow employees to collaborate conveniently and securely anytime, anywhere with minimal security concerns.

Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) networks are an excellent example of a streamlined security & endpoint network infrastructure, that’s ideal for organisations with locations around the world.

CATO Network’s SASE solution in particular allows organisations and businesses to easily connect physical locations, cloud resources and mobile users to Cato SASE Cloud, while IT teams immediately benefit from the agility of a unified network and security service managed through a single, self-service console. Compared to traditional MPLS & network point solutions, CATO SASE streamlines and integrates security functions, at a fraction of the cost.


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